The Psychology Behind Effective Brand Names

Are you launching a new company and are trying to think of the perfect name for your brand? Are you planning to rebrand and searching for a name that connects with your target audience? The choice of a good name for your brand is essential to the performance of your business and goes beyond making a good impression or being simple to remember. The psychology behind successful brand names is very complex and involves the sciences of linguistics, neuroscience as well as psychology. In this blog, we’ll look at the most important factors that make a name effective, by presenting examples of names created by our name agency.

The Emotional Appeal of Brand Names

Did you consider that the method we process brand names in our brains is similar to the way our brains process human names? This means that like people brand names can trigger certain emotions and trigger responses in our brains. For instance, names with consonants that are hard, such as K as well as T are linked with strength and reliability and a more relaxed sound like S and L are able to convey a soft, friendly image. For instance, consider for instance the term ” Techocs ,” one of the names crafted by our Naming agency for a Tech recruitment agency. The strong “T” sound creates a sensation of trust and security.

The Composition and Sound of Brand Names

Another important aspect of a brand’s name is its sound and composition. Fricatives and plosives as well as vowels can affect how people consider a brand’s name. For instance vowels, fricatives, and plosives all affect how consumers perceive a brand “fricative” sound of the letters F V, and Z could be thought of as elegant and luxurious, and the “plosive” sound of B, P, and T can create a sense tension and excitement. Think of for instance the title “Goldill” as another example of a name that was created by our firm. The usage of “dill” and the “plosive” sound of the letter G, followed by the extravagant “dill” creates a sense of luxury and exclusivity. This is why it’s perfect for a luxury jewelry or fashion brand.

Simplicity in Brand Names

We’ve all heard of the phrase “less is more,” which is especially true with regard to brands’ names. The majority of consumers shy from names that are hard to pronounce or read. That’s why it’s crucial to select a name that is concise, and simple to read and pronounce. For instance “Avalando,” a name created by our naming agency has a modern look and feel that is simple to remember and pronounce. This makes it a great choice for any software or technology-related business.

The Story Behind the Name

People love stories with a story. This is true for brands too. The narrative behind a brand’s name can be memorable and aid in connecting consumers to the brand at a deeper level. Explainability is a key factor to consider when choosing the name of your company. “Hakest,” a name we created is a modern and unique name that is described as a blend that combines the terms “hack” and “tech.” This is a great choice for a software or technology startup.

Memorable Brand Names

One of the major elements that determine the success of the brand is its remembrance. A memorable name will be remembered in the memory of the people who see it and helps them to quickly remember the name. Selecting a name that triggers positive feelings or is distinctive in its sound can aid in this. Names like “Crieve,” crafted by our agency, has a distinct sound that is easy to remember and pronounce. This makes it a great choice for a wellness or lifestyle brand.

Striking a Balance Between Descriptive and Creative Names

When branding a brand choosing the appropriate equilibrium between informative and innovative names is crucial. Names that are plain and not creative enough are both problematic in branding. Descriptive names are more memorable, whereas creative names are more distinctive. Collecting feedback from your target audience will help determine the best balance between creative and descriptive names. Some examples of brands that are successful that have balanced names are Facebook, Starbucks, and McDonald’s.

Brandability of the name and positive associations

One of the most important aspects when creating a strong brand name is to ensure that it’s easily identifiable. That means the name is able to create positive associations and overall design. If a name for a brand can be easily brandable that it is more likely to trigger an emotional response from the consumer and create an impact on them for the rest of their lives.
Let’s consider for instance the brand name “Goldill” crafted by Brandrobe Agency. “Goldill” is a great name “Goldill” is an excellent example of a distinctive name. The name is brief and simple to pronounce and it has an unmistakably positive association with gold, the most precious of metals “gold.” It’s also easy to recall and lends itself to branding visuals. It’s the perfect name for a jewelry company.
Another illustration could be “Puranu”. This name comes from a mix that combines “Pure” and “natural” which instantly creates a positive image of organic products. It is unique that is memorable and simple to say. It’s an ideal name for a business that is looking to be perceived as “chemical-free”.
In the end, the psychology behind the effectiveness of branding is a complicated and multifaceted issue that involves the sciences of linguistics, neuroscience, and psychology. A well-designed brand name can trigger emotions, communicate the personality of a brand and build positive impressions in the minds of customers.
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